Seiyu Oyata 1928-2012
This site is dedicated to Taika Seiyu Oyata and to the preservation of the
True Life Protection Arts.

ryute kanji
Our system is called Ryu Te® and Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu.
Ryu Te® is an authentic Okinawan self defense system founded by world renowned
Taika Seiyu Oyata. Taika Oyata is recognized by thousands of martial artists as one of the 20th centuries highest authorities of the martial arts. He is the inheritor of 2 family systems of martial arts.
The Uhugushuku family weapons system, and the Wakinaguri family martial art.
Uhugushuku was from a 15 generation warrior family, specializing in weapons. Wakinaguri, from a 6 generation warrior family, specializing in nerve and blood vessel strikes.

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